Why I am going back to Twitter

Why I am going back to Twitter

Why I am going back to Twitter

Back in 2008 when I started using Twitter it was a moneymaking machine for me literally but then one day my account was suspended, fortunately, after 5 years my Twitter account was reinstated but after what they did the trust was gone.

There were many changes that I didn’t like and I seldom spent any of my time posting stuff on Twitter after that just the odd tweet now and again. 

Now that Twitter is under new management I have decided to start using it again more regularly, especially for my online businesses. And to generate traffic to some offers and to my blogs and websites. 

Elon musk has said that he wants to allow free speech once again and to me that is amazing and it is the way things in the world should be.

Why should we be oppressed by a small but rich percentage of the world’s population with scam after scam being advertised on social media and the truth being hidden or deleted?

So if you aren’t already feel free to follow me on Twitter and on my other social networks look forward to seeing you there.

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And feel free to let us know what you think about the Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover by posting in the comments below,


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